We provide the most varieties of lottery data feed formats and best possible services to our clients. Our lottery results and jackpot information are steadily updated, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a system in place to gather lottery information within minutes of a draw.

You can choose one or multiple lottery data formats best suitable for your web site. We will provide an FTP account for client who chooses XML/TEXT formats. You have the full access to retrieve the lottery data at anytime. We can also push the lottery data to your server at certain time and period per your requirement.

Our pre-packaged HTML data format is the most innovative lottery results feed which is easy to setup and free of maintenance - NO file transfer is needed. You have the FULL FLEXIBILITY to modify your lottery results page since it resides on your own web server. Another most appealing fact is that the lottery results on your web site are synchronously updated with our update at (also owned by us) - you DON'T have to do anything.

There are over 10 lottery tools seamlessly integrated with the lottery results you can find no where else. We ensure that your lottery results appeal to your clients in a clear, concise and user friendly format, by offering hundreds of designs to choose from. Please see below a couple of examples of our clients' site:

We have knowledge based information web pages available to our clients which guide you step by step how to setup up your lottery results on you web site in just minutes. We can also design and build lottery results pages for our clients without extra charge.

Sales & Pricing

Our lottery data feeds are priced as low as $150.00 U.S. per month and are based on the size of our customers, their reach and their intended use as well as the amount of lottery data they desire to license. Sample data feeds are available for review. Contact us today to learn more about our lottery data pricing.

Advertise With US

As the world's leading supplier of lottery data we also operate a network of over 50 lottery related web sites. We offer customized advertising packages that can deliver all forms of online advertising. Advertising packages start at under $200.00 a month. Contact us today to discuss our advertising opportunities.

Some Of Our Clients

Our lottery data feeds are used by small individual web publishers or application makers as well as by some of the largest digital publishers worldwide. Clients using our data feeds include DirecTV, USA Today, MSN, BING, AOL, ABC, FOX, Univision,, WRAL, Gray Television, and many others.